G-Plex Mail Finder Program

A marketing-based solution, G-Plex Mail Finder program is designed to support your omni-channel marketing efforts through:

    Prepare for customer response and trigger perfectly timed follow-up campaigns by tracking when mail arrives in-home. Log on to your customized G-Plex Mail Finder portal to see predicted and actual delivery dates to your individual recipients.
    Never abandon a lead again. Through the Google Display Network, as well as Facebook and Instagram’s ad networks, ads automatically follow direct mail recipients who visit your website but leave without converting. Find out how many times your ads have been displayed with a simple click of the mouse.
    With the number of Informed Delivery accounts growing daily, now is the time to take advantage of the ability to get on your customers’ radar before they even receive your mailing. When users log on to their accounts, they will see a scan of your mail piece along with the ad, prompting them to visit your website.
    Another opportunity to add a touchpoint to your campaign prior to mail piece delivery. Recipients on your mail list will be matched to Facebook and Instagram accounts and targeted with your ads. This maximizes the value of your mail list while increasing the number of impressions to your customers.
    Have you ever wanted to see which individuals from your mail list were the ones going to your website? How about finding out who visited even without receiving your mailing? Now you can! LeadMatch tracks and records anyone who visits your website during your campaign, making it easy to retarget your hottest leads!